Come say hello!

If you’re attending the National Flute Association convention next week, please stop me and say hello! I’ll be the over-caffeinated brunette hauling around her piccolo, C, and alto flutes to as many pedagogy and contemporary practice classes as she can!

New teaching space!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve recently joined Orchard Music Studios in Ellicott City, Maryland as a Thursday afternoon and early evening teacher.

Please feel free to contact me directly or through Orchard if you’d like to set up a lesson.

Poulenc Sextet for Winds and Piano

I’d like to welcome my marvelous clarinet colleague Donna Noyes to the blogosphere! She comes in strong with a post on Poulenc’s Sextet for Winds and Piano. I wasn’t familiar with this piece until she recently brought it to my attention, and I’m glad she did!

Definitely take a minute to check out her site, NoyesClarinet, and listen to an amazing take on the Poulenc Sextet.

Donna Noyes, Clarinet

I am constantly moved my music, and this piece serves as my current obsession. This performance is flawless and musically mature. Of special interest to me is that the ensemble, save the piano, is standing, which is a rare sight in quintet performances of years past.

Hope this piece brings joy to my readers as well!

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Ligeti’s Six Bagatelles

Here’s another ensemble that I’ve lately fallen in love with, in no small part because of their killer musicality combined with a fun sensibility for how to use new media to share their work.

Plus, I’m always excited to share new quintet music when I come across it. These guys are well worth a watch!

My Pretend Music School

This post has been around for many months now, but I ran across it again today and thought it was worth sharing. Ivan makes excellent points about music school curriculum being stuck but even better, talks about ways that we can work with new media to further our reach as performers and educators.

I can think of several other musicians who are using principles Ivan talks about with great success. Look at the work of Nina Perlove, Megan Ihnen, or Zoë Keating. They’re spectacular examples of how to embrace new media. There’s a lot to learn out there!

Ivan Trevino

I’m not employed by a university. I perform and compose music. That’s my job. So it’s easier for me to speak out in an unfiltered way about music schools, their curriculum, and why I think it should be different. No one can fire me for speaking my mind, so I’m going to let it fly. Here it goes:
“That’s how we’ve always done it.”
“We can’t lose who we are as an institution.”
“We have expectations that we need to meet.”
These are all answers I’ve heard from real life music school deans and professors when asked why music schools haven’t evolved. They always get a little uncomfortable when I ask questions like, “Why is the curriculum the same today as it was 50 years ago?” “Shouldn’t we evolve with the changing culture around us?” “Why is the orchestral repertoire so highly studied while the popular music genre is completely…

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Loch Raven Festival of the Arts

The Baltimore Flute Choir will be performing as part of the Loch Raven Festival of the Arts at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 15, 2014.

This festival celebrates the variety of arts in Baltimore County and runs through the afternoon from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

The festival will be held at:
Loch Raven UMC
6622 Loch Raven Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21239

For further details, check out: